IronMike's Preferred Charity

  • Special Operations Warrior Foundation
    Mike swims in support of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. To find out more about the SOWF, click on the below symbol. For more information on Mike's swims and to donate to this wonderful charity, please click on the above link. And thank you!

Critical Swim Speed

  • SCM
    29 Mar 2013: 1:41.52
  • SCM
    10 Feb 2013: 1:43.09

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22 February 2011


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Good stuff, Mike. I got the first issue in hard copy via Royal Mail (my postman must think I'm important). So nice to have this for our funny little sport. It's tough for magazines to make money these days, but I hope they make it. I'm sure they'll start adding some more US-centric features if their subscriber base reflects it.


I'm with you on warming up before a race. People act like I'm crazy for swimming "extra" before a long open water swim, but I think it's invaluable. A warm up calms my nerves and makes my stroke more fluid.


Welcome to the blog Katie! So nice to have someone else comment who isn't trying to sell shoes or viagra. ;)

Evan, I am totally jealous. Humorously, I did something like that with one of the catalogs we get, I think REI. On their form you can pick your salutation and one of the choices is Sir. So I am now knighted, at least as far as REI is concerned.

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