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    Mike swims in support of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. To find out more about the SOWF, click on the below symbol. For more information on Mike's swims and to donate to this wonderful charity, please click on the above link. And thank you!

Critical Swim Speed

  • SCM
    29 Mar 2013: 1:41.52
  • SCM
    10 Feb 2013: 1:43.09

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26 March 2011


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Looks like you have two sets of quotation marks around your width and height parameters - i.e., width=""500"" - which would explain why the iframe is showing up tiny. It doesn't recognize ""500"" as a valid parameter.

Remove one set of marks around each number and you should be good to go.


There's a 10km swim at Dorney Lake (Eton) in England (where the 2012 Olympic rowing takes place) on 28th May 2011 (
It's basically two laps of a very large swimming pool, but this distance seems to be quite rare in England.


Welcome to the blog and thanks for commenting! I've added the Eton Swim to the list. And I'm about to ask the boss if I can go!


I've signed up for it too - my first 10k. Am hoping to do a continental europe 10k this year after narrowly missing out going to the Cyprus one last year but as this one is on my doorstep I couldn't let it pass me by.
I did a 3.8k there a couple of years ago - the wind *can* create a bit of chop and it's sometimes possible to see the cables along the bottom of the lake that the rowing lane buoys are tethered to - making sighting a little easier.

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