IronMike's Preferred Charity

  • Special Operations Warrior Foundation
    Mike swims in support of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. To find out more about the SOWF, click on the below symbol. For more information on Mike's swims and to donate to this wonderful charity, please click on the above link. And thank you!

Critical Swim Speed

  • SCM
    29 Mar 2013: 1:41.52
  • SCM
    10 Feb 2013: 1:43.09

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30 June 2010


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The real reason for this long post is because fembot told me she wouldn't look at my blog until that disgusting picture of the swimmer's ear disappeared. This lengthy post should be sufficient for pushing the ugly ear to the archive pages!


Nope, I was wrong...ugly ear still below. Don't scroll down, fembot!


Gorgeous pics and a worthy reason to part with that dollar..........

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