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26 October 2010


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Congratulations on finishing! I'd checked last years results and that was why I was concerned about entering the 10km event - there were only 5 entries I think - all considerably faster (and younger) than me! Reading your report only makes me wish I'd gone and done it anyway.
Still, off on holiday to Tunisia soon, so should get some sea swims in there...



Thanks Mooog. Perhaps if I saw that results list from 2009 I might have noticed the ages and not gone. Of course, I'd have missed Cyprus, truly a great place to visit. And the water was simply wonderful. So, all things considered, I'm glad I went.


More great swimming anthropology! I really enjoyed that. It's always an interesting experience to do races with lots of elites in attendance (not just masters elites... real elites!). Nike Swim Miami in April was like that. And it's never more important to just swim your own race.

I think it's actually a nice aspect of OW... you and I would never be able to swim in a pool meet with Michael Phelps, but it happens quite frequently in open water. Tiburon Mile is one prominent example.

Oh yeah - always pack body glide in saltwater! Good thing you didn't do the 10K or you might have been bleeding by the end. It's the salt, of course - it's a powerful abrasive when two surfaces (like your underarms) rub together repeatedly.


Thanks Evan. Funny what you said, seeing how YOU'RE an elite swimmer! ;)

It was nice seeing all the fast swimmers having fun...young and the future. I know...hokey.

I did buy baby oil on Sunday and used it on Monday morning, and it was wonderful not worrying about the underarm.

I worked specifically on Sunday and Monday on navigation. I'll be writing another blog entry on some of my ideas. They'll deal with clocks and cranes. (And I must say I did much better on those days.)

Rob D.

besides being lacking in the organization department, it sounds like a pretty rad swim. I mean worst case you're stuck on Cyprus... boo hoo right :)

I wouldn't get too wrapped up in the time it took you. The goal you set in your head was based on just swimming, not navigating foreign waters and fighting currents. I've done some of the same races more than once now, and went slower in better shape at some of them because of the water conditions. No 2 open water races are exactly the same, even if they're the same race. Too bad you didn't really have other grown ups to compare your swim to. But like Evan said, when you get out there it's really all about swimming your own race anyways. As long as you're happy with the effort you put forth and you had a good time you've won as far as I'm concerned.

btw, always lube the pits dude... even in fresh water... I ran low on swim lube at Big Shoulders and paid for it the rest of the weekend with raw armpits!


Yea, it was all in all a great time. Cyprus is awesome. I just wish they had a t-shirt. NO FREAKING T-SHIRT!

Lube the pits...title of my next blog post...and I got gross pictures.

You are right about swimming my own race. I do, however, jockeying for position between other swimmers. That part is nice, plus I'd like to try drafting someday!

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