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Critical Swim Speed

  • SCM
    29 Mar 2013: 1:41.52
  • SCM
    10 Feb 2013: 1:43.09

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12 January 2011


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Rob D.

I haven't tried one out personally yet but my buddy Glenn has one and digs it so far.


Damn, dude, you get the prize for the fastest comment. I literally just finishing it two minutes before you read it!


Yeah, I've been craving one of these too. I got the Oregon Scientific swim watch a few months ago. Chose it over the Swimovate because the UI seemed simpler and it didn't look so much like... I don't know... something out of Star Trek? Anyway, big mistake. The lap & stroke counts are totally unreliable. Will post a review on the blog shortly.

Rob D.

Boom! I'm fast like a Cheetah Mike, watch yourself :)

I used to have a far more technologically advanced counting device... the sportcount finger lap counter thingie! ( Ok so maybe it wasn't that advanced, and it was kinda weird, but it worked pretty well... only problem is I lost it at some point and never replaced it


Your review won't come up Rob. But if it is like the one I had years ago (small, slips on your finger like a ring), then I had the same one. I lost mine pretty early on. I think it fell outta my bag.
Evan, look forward to reading the review.

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