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Critical Swim Speed

  • SCM
    29 Mar 2013: 1:41.52
  • SCM
    10 Feb 2013: 1:43.09

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23 March 2011


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LOL! I'm in almost exactly the same boat. You beat me by a percentile. See you in thirty years.

Rob D.

the one hour postal is full of some brutal competition buddy! And McConica... that guy is a beast, in 30 years he'll still be beating us!


Katie, and Rob: I was so excited several years ago when I swam a SCM 100 in 1:27.40. Short lived as that month the USMS magazine came out and they reviewed the summer nationals, and the ONLY person featured in the article that I beat was the winner in the 80-84 age group. Who swam it in 1:40!!! Jeez louise!


When I was in high school I trained for a few months with Buena Swim Club in Ventura, CA. Jim McConica is registered with VCM, aka Ventura County Masters, but for a long time he actually trained with the age group program in town - Buena Swim Club. He was in his mid-late forties then, and he was just as much of a beast. Dude's an incredible swimmer.

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