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24 July 2011


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I always have that "What was I thinking?" spell at the beginning of an open water swim, too. Even in practice swims. It's crazy. I have no idea why my nerves bother me so much at the start. Good to know I'm not alone. I'm also right there with you in the middle of the pack, similar times, and the same real age group (different imaginary age group). The non-wetsuit divisions of open water swims in AZ are usually pretty small. I wonder if I could come out 1/1 in my imaginary age group...

Do you have a set rhythm for sighting? I've been working on that this year, and it's really helped. I'm swimming very straight these days.


Wow a pool buoy? Unbelievable that was acceptable. Why stop there? Next time let them wear fins or a trolling motor. Crazy!


Hilarious report. The tri OW swims are infuriating... but at least you got some racing in while stateside!


Sounds like a great swim! I wonder how you did out of all the "Mikes"...Probably #1.

L, Wife


Well, wife, I am 3/3 in the Mikes group. but I'm in good company, as the winner, with a time of 39:15, is a Mike.

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