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10 September 2011


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Good stuff, Mike. Congrats on the first 10K. A Guinness well deserved.


15 C seems pretty cold to me.

Congrats on the 10K! Impressive time and great report.



Yeah! A new blog reader! Welcome Beck!

Gordon Gridley

Nice job! I'd love to do a race outside the USA. Sounds like you have a great time. Thanks for the detailed report and pics!


So lodging is cheaper than parking, lol. Nice report, and great job on your swim.


Thanks all. It was great to realize this marathon goal, even if it was tide-assisted. But hell, if crossing are a set distance no matter how many more miles one has to swim due to tides, then my 10K should count as 6.25 miles swum!


Just signed up for the 2012 race, nice to read a report of what we might expect!


Welcome to the blog, Carol! I know you will enjoy the Dart 10K. It is put on by a bunch of wonderful folks. In a wonderful location. I really wish I could go this year but I'll have returned to the states by then.

Oliver Southgate

Lots of useful info and top tips in your report. Well done on your fantastic time too. I'm doing the 2012 race so maybe we will bump into each other.
Good luck with your training this year.


Welcome to the blog, Oliver! Sadly, I'll be returning to the states this summer so won't be able to do the Dart again.

Good luck with your training as well.

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