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23 October 2011


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A blogger relay... sweet! I would be honored to lead off. May as well round out the 6 with Donal Buckley of Lone Swimmer fame.


I'm honored!

Rob D.

rad! so you're paying right? :p and I second Evan's nomination


Haha! For EC relays it's all about 2 things: ability to get swimming if you've been puking on the boat for 5 hours, and team dynamics, i.e. when you want to kill someone else on the team, when you take off your top in Dover and they're pasty white when they should be tanned.

I recommend a double relay, although I fancy a triple or quadruple, all a touch expensive... The record is a 6 way relay! Our pilot for the double (Dave Whyte, now retired) piloted the 6 way! Map was insane. Bloody crazy Aussies.


LS, welcome to the blog! Glad Evan recommended you; love your blog.
I'd be game for a double. That might guarantee I'd get to swim more than twice, what with all you fast swimmers I loaded my dream team with!

Gordon Gridley

I'm ashamed to admit I've only been on a couple cruise ships on the ocean and that's it. Not sure I would do well on a wobbly boat like LS warns.

Thanks for the invite. Except after paying for my solo trip in August, I won't be able to afford it till probably 2015.


Completely understand Gords, it was a dream team after all.
And you've got, what?, 7 or 8 kids that you're responsible for, too! I don't know how you do it.

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