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I'd like to see Merry making some political statements.

Yeah, I think you're right. That picture deserves so much more. So I changed the post.

I have to admit I feel guilty working for the government since I'm so against this whole socialist agenda (especially with all the snow days:). Of course I work in one of the areas I believe the federal government is actually supposed to take care of (national defense) as opposed to retirement and health care. Perhaps Merry could give his opinion of the Federalist Papers and how he feels state's rights are being raped by the executive and legistlative branches of government (yea judicial branch on your recent upholding of the constitution).

I got a good picture for that imagery. I know, we work for the government, too. It's easier! The money is decent, and the benefits can't be beat. The last thing I support is anything that makes it more difficult for the private part of society to earn a dime of profit.

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