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Those people are either ignorant or socialists (one does not preclude the other however). It's ironic that we are actually the least racist society. We're just also the most open so we talk about our problems. Show me a country with fewer race problems and I'll show you a very homogenous country. It's easy to judge when you're not faced with the same obstacles. I also think people erroneously conclude that someone who is prejudice is a racist. Someone prejudice was likely not raised around whatever group they are uncomfortable with but don't hate. These are non violent people that can easily become more comfortable with people who seem different from themselves just by being around them. They learn that we're all basically the same (at least as far as race goes, socialists are kooks no matter what color their skin:). We will never have a hate free society. If we were all the same race those same haters would find something else to hate.

I agree. And their solutions are the same solutions for every perceived problem. We need to remake society into their idea of the perfect society, and free Mumia, and get out of Iraq, and stop supporting Israel, and get behind the health care bill, and spend more money on education, pay teachers more, pay CEOs less, support Palestine, etc. The same solutions to every problem.

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