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Modello unico non รจ profonda, adatta per il movimento sul tappeto; profonda modello unico o in forma di multi-direzionale, adatto per il movimento sul pavimento in legno.

Let me see, I've picked up a little Romansh over the years, something about a unicorn who has to fill out unemployment papers? Am I close?


You have a great office and I hope I also have this kind of office in our house. Clutter less and very neat.

Definitely is coming along nicely! I am in the works of renovating my home office and have been looking for a few design ideas. I really like the shelves you have hanging above the work space. I have a pretty small staff so we all work from home. I know we'll need a professional space for some things so I have been looking into virtual offices for rent. Hopefully tings keep coming along and my office ends up as nice as yours!

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