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I don't have a problem with sugar, but i do with HFCS. And, while I don't agree with the type of control B wants to place on his constituents, it would be nice if the manufacturers would come up with some other sweetener that didn't have the harmful effects of HFCS.

I liken Bs inability to identify the real problem the same way O - not Oprah - wants to burden everyone who pays taxes for those who can't afford health care rather than tackling the real problem created by the holy trinity of Insurers, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.


I posted a response but I guess it never got published! I'll try again:

I agree about HFCS. The best action would be if consumers demanded that food manufacturers stop using HFCS. I fear government regulation is too likely to be knee-jerk, lobbyist-led, and faddish. We'll end up restricting good products and subsidizing bad ones and skewing the whole system with the winners being those able to play the system.

Let the State better prioritize what it goes after and let the rest of us alone to choose what we eat and drink.

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